WoolTherm Chimney Draught Excluder


Size 8 inches
The Chimney Draught Excluder is a simple device made from durable and naturally breathable sheep wool

and cotton that when inserted, creates a perfect “plug” for your chimney. It comes with a handle for easy insertion along with a black tape that is used both to remove the Chimney Draught Excluder and to warn you that it is in situ. The Chimney Draught Excluder will make your house warmer as it will prevent warm air escaping up your chimney, stop cold air coming down along with reducing noise. It will help reduce your energy bills and CO2 emissions.

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Product Details
– Reduces Your energy Bills
– Reduces Noise
– Reduces Heat Loss
– Reduces Air Pollution
– Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
– Simple To Install And Remove
– Durable Design, Can Be Used Year after Year
– Different Sizes Available
– Made From Sheep Wool And Cotton (With A Small Amount Of Metal)


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