Crafty Goodie Box


Crafty Goodie Box contains a carefully selected assortment of handcrafted, small-batch foods that have been sourced from independent artisans in Ireland. A great gift idea which sees a curated selection of artisanal food products delivered directly to your door along with other Irish made products.

This Crafty Box contains:

  • Monkey Cup Reusable Glass Cup
  • Irish Socksciety Socks
  • Subh Fraoc Ban Jams
  • Buioch Chocolate
  • Hassett’s Bakery Biscuits
  • Nibbed Cacoa Nibbles

Items can be changed for similar products.

Please leave any requests for changing items in the Crafty Gift Box section at checkout.

We will try to alter as best we can & send photo of finished Crafty box before delivery.

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